If you have wisdom as a pagan, then what do you call your evolved path once it goes beyond a "Text Book Path"? Unreality? I know what "Pagans" say about me! Haha~

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    Why do you judge others ? Insecurity and fear you are not enough.

    Why do you think this matters?

    Spirituality touches our path because we want to know who we are, where we have been, where we will go, where we end up.

    That is not the path of the Pagan. 

    True, some pagans are far beyond your reach and we're thankful for that. We have our road just as you have yours.

    We don't have to dumb ourselves down to come back and be with you, you wouldn't do that for us.

    So some fruitloop pagan isn't like you and isn't afraid to go off and out and look like a kook.

    Thanks for your judgment. What's paganism to you truly? A reason to buy allot of pagan supplies?

    I got the sept. witch kit box so I am soooo one of you. Ok. I make things. Things you'll never own.

    :-) Paganism is about being one with nature, at all times, and respecting it and using it to do things for protection and fixing up your life with.


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