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I can tell you why I am not wearing a face mask - I have a higher intelligence, persona and conscienceness. If I were supposed to have COVID I would have it regardless of what I am wearing for protection. The psycologist is also right, some people who have had freedom all the years of their life in America (which is now a joke, thanks to COVID-19) do not like to wear these things in public due to things like women wearing Burka's in Iran, Iraq and so on. They become so used to their dress, they dress this way even now and it has become a mental issue. If they were to wear American clothing in America they would be really self conscience about it and would appear uncomfortable in their own homes and things. America hopes the mask will be here to stay, and forced on it's population to make things better, but make mental items worse for those who suffer like myself. I have moderate to severe depression and anxiety about crowds and places already, so telling me I have to wear a mask and trying to force me to wear one is not OK. 

I hate to burst the media's bubble but you don't get COVID from the Air. You get it from what you eat and one of those things are infected shrimp from India and other hatcheries. Wearing a face mask isn't going to help you one god damn bit if you are eating infected shrimp. Another thing is the crab meat. Crabs from infected water, and Crabs from hatcheries and pots that have been caught are to blame. The infection come from the land as well. If you dig a pool for the intention of a hatchery, and you put sand into that hole, with salt water, you have an instant problem. Within days sand silcia parasite known as SARS-CoV is growing in that sand, adding any animal in a trapped way in that pot or pool or hatchery leads to their meat being infected. That is why people say Cement the bottom of the pool before you add salt water for the crabs to grow in or shrimp. But people don't listen and now you know what COVID is. It's a sand parasite that infects the meat of the animal in the pots. COVID turns the shrimp, crab meat and even lobster meat a pale sherbert-y type orange and the animal will be warm to the touch. It makes the water stink really bad.

If you were to drain your trap of the water and then take a long stick with a hook like they do for cleaning swimming pools and poke the sand you would see the parasite in question. Antifreeze will kill it. That is why when the ocean was deep, antifreeze from the vessels were keeping the parasite in check.

Comet (liquid spray comet which is new) will also kill it. Don't attempt to kill this thing with your bare hands, if it touches your skin and you have any cuts you can get infected. The us government is shit for covering this up.

There is also the Civillian Law of the USA

It states, "Any Civillian, regardless of other duties, shall at all times maintain their station (meaning anywhere they go) in public, travel and abroad, in the normal standard of said action (at ease), even in sickness and leisure." It states that masks about the face shall not be worn or forced upon others because people who read body language can not determine on Camera of that person is about to rob some place or what not if that mask is on their face, that is why some bandana's can not be worn on the face or about the head also if it covers the mouth or the nose or the cheekbones or the eyes. These body parts will move before a criminal makes an act of judgement to engage in crime.

That is why also the administration asks people unless nessecary to essential living to remain at home so this law can not be put into action. The mental abused, as well as your disabled population are already mentally worn the fuck out and then you want to put more stress on them. Many more people are going to be considered disabled due to COVID work at home stragedy because of their PTSD as it effects more than just soliders in the wars! But this is about boosting the economy. Get people to stay home, strike or work at home, need more medical supplies, mass productions, sending out the EIP's and paycheck protection programs as well as paying businesses to go through Pandemic training and so on -- Boosts the economy.

You are blind if you do not see it. It's real but it's fake, all these numbers of death's not connected to any people who are real, no names. Where did they live how old were they did they have kids and so on? When is their burial? Where and how will America deal with the overflowing graveyards? Will loved ones be cremated? Yes this is creepy shit but its also getting real. Think about the news you are reading and seeing? Empaths and Telepaths use your gifts! Read their minds. It's fake news, fake drivel and we're all lambs to the slaughter believing this shit.

That is why I am not wearing a mask and living as NORMAL as possible! As I originally said!

Shame on this Country and it's Administration.

Shame on all the american people who went along with it because he said he would pay you.


I hope you all puke yourselvs stupid when you are the July 4th parades this year and memorial day and patriot day and veteran's day too.

You can't cut the corner or hit the easy button just because you are tired.

Why can't we all just do the right thing all the time? Did we need a pandemic and an excuse to take better care of ourselves or our neighbors?

PS. I have however ordered a mask and I carry a regular one in my purse just in case I am "enforced to wear one" to shop some place. I am a 'Phage and well If you want me to honor our custom so be it.

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