Transgender Remembrance Day?


This post is also secondly titled "Enough with the Gay".

PS. I am anti Gay/Bisexual Community related. I think the Community(ites) are focused on being gay with "gay rights" a little too much.

In the beginning of time we learn that male and female, even in paganism is honored and revered as correct union. Societies of the time period where same sex relations are going on are frowned on and considered "awful". Bisexual relations are prideful, pedophiley, and manipulative of the other partner(s). 

In the USA and other world parts, even straight union folks can't get up on one another in public and grind on one of another. Real love is personal, humble, and while courageous, true, and loyal. If you are doing things for attention with your partner you are doing it wrong.

Wild Hunt Post - Transgender DOR

Why must we all embrace the trendiness of being Gay or bisexual? We were all born with the same rights to our being in our country, its the insecurity holding you back. Religious freedom to wear a pagan tshirt in a christian neighborhood, wearing a baphomet ring or pentacle as well, these are things I know of because I do them. I wear them. Why do we care what so many others think of us? Do we really need that acceptance?

People have a large need to fit in, to be trendy to be apart of the next big movement. This seems to be the new Transgender LGBT Community. Anyone male can dress up like a woman, any woman can dress like a man. "I am going to go do this and put it in their faces!" Wow ok so people who know you look at you like some stunt or something foolish. Maybe you are doing it for popularity and don't even mean what you are doing -- how is some girl gonna feel when she sees you dressed up like a chic and promoting gay pride? It hurts us when we know the guy we love is straighter than he says and he's out there waving the fucking flag. Wow, you goof! Way to go Cap'n!

What about what the God or Goddess wants us to do? Are you a pagan just for the sheer joy of that and care less what the God or Goddess thinks of you? "This isn't Christianity, the God and Goddess are aligned with me in my thoughts on this" then why is Herne a male Stag and why is the Horned Goddess not got a penis? There have been gay people since the beginning of time, which is always been a defiling nation. How much is it a turn on when you see grown men grabbing each other's dick's? You can almost see the sick thrill in their eyes as they get all giddy over grabbing their dick or their boyfriend's in public. It is such a turn off -- even for the low IQ. It is an embarassment to see grown ass men grabbing each other and grinding up on one another and kissing and playing with each other's asses. 

Why do you want to celebrate any gays/any queers / any pagans like this and defile our spirituality? I don't understand why, other than that of trend. Its disgusting. Now, don't get me wrong, kinky shit in a relationship is fine. But do we need to see it in public? Outside of holding hands in public or maybe a kiss here and there, this is normal shit. But Gay pride parade shit is hideous. Like you need that much attention. 

Can't you keep our spirituality sacred, It is a shame to see this kind of thing. If they didn't seek such blatant attention in public then guess what? They never would have died, been attacked or been killed. It is a shame that people can't understand what leads to violence. FEAR and Insecurity of a new way of living and being in life. Its not just me that believes it shouldn't be in the public eye and just because its recognized by our government now does not mean they can run outside and jump on the dick. Straight people can't even do that either! Now they want rights. They already had the rights to be gay or bisexual. Back in the day when we wanted a secret meeting we didn't meet in the town square you know, we went to the secret place. D'uh. Its very true that gun violence needs to stop but why are you not mourning it in the schools or the colleges and even churches? Whats to stop it from happening at a pride event, gay or just plain pagan pride? Just because we are pagans doesn't mean we can't and shouldn't care about houses of worship, Christian or otherwise. What if someone blew up one of our temples or one of our groves? Would you be saddened? Would it also be an outrage?

I have been subjected to Bisexual hate just recently, I had a group of black children call me a Faggot, and a she male, and I am not gay or bisexual anymore. I have been considered bisexual in my past but I know men and women alike will manipulate you no matter what kind of relationship you are in. I am 100% woman and not a she male but that is because they didn't understand what a female bisexual is called or considered or "termed" for lack of a better word. I am secure in my sexuality, and can admit when a female is attractive but I don't want to F**K her or be with her in a relationship. I prefer men, white men and only those in my age bracket of 21-46. Preferably pagan, vampyre but this is another section all together. I found it down right amusing that their cat calling me and also calling me Faggot and she male all at the same time. lol Still, I can see how people who are insecure would turn around and call the lot of them N*ggers because they were being very hateful and very ignorant. I didn't but I did turn around and tell them to say it to my face since they were so hard about it. Well of course that little boy popped behind the church and didn't come forth with his accusations. Little Children barely middle school age calling people names and implying they want to be with you -- I look young but I am in my 40's, not into Children at all. Never would I be, either! Its all about how secure you are with your sexuality. I am asexual so nothing really bothers me.

If you want respect for your lifestyle, you have to also respect what is already present. Goes a long way in the next 10 to 20 years.

I think this movement is going to fizzle out. One of the first LGBT couples have already got divorced! Did it not work? How come? Married like five months! I wonder why it went wrong. Any relationship is based on COMMUNICATION. You got to talk it all out, find out where you want to go with one another and work at it! You can't just hump one another on TV and expect commitment. 

The Horned God and Goddess represent equality in a relationship between two clans or tribes and sexes. They are equal to one another and secure in their living lives with one another, any relationship will fail if neither one feels like the others equal. They help one another and are there for one another. (all basis of relationship should follow this example)

Please respect the nature of paganism -- you can not ask our goddess to wear a strap on.

Why can't Paganism as a whole be considered Sacred, and then if LGBT people are Pagan learn that you can't just rewrite the Goddess and the God because one has a vagina and one has a penis. They are Straight. Hail to the Straight Sacred principle. Nothing non sacred about it. Have you tried straight relationships? If they failed, please tell me how some gross gay relationship is supposed to help you see the light -- also it is a popular pagan belief now also that any relationship or the need to be in one at all is detrimental and men and women should be more virtue bound. I made a vow of Celibacy for 6 and a half years and made it! It was a pagan promise ceremony type of thing to prove to myself that I could -- and I did! What about this then? It's immaturity in the spirit to feel sodomy is the answer to love. That is a sickness in the mind and spirit and being. Anyone can masterbate to, or with other people in a group or with their partner or even with just themselves! Anyone can have co-ed or same sex orgies as well. It is when you wanna show people your sickness that you become diseased in the mind and spirit. NOT pagan at all. Not spirituality. Just a sick fuck in my opinion. Grow up. It's not a turn on or compliment to see you play with some other man's dick or yours...low iq. I can see why there is a violence issue with this kind of issue.

You are welcome, pagan community! +1⁠ 

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