The Flag Banner

The Flag Banner has several pieces of latin worth knowing about:


Frielus Spiritorius = I am, I do (in all things I am a free spirit)

Entros Elesi Nostri = Enter into Spirituality & Wisdom

Cullax Nos Teros = Defend Thy Territory/Domain

Welcome to the beginning of our Grotto Chapterhead, the banner above is and will continue to represent our Grotto.

The website shows you which our chapterhead is like, and will continue to be, but joining the websocial is not the same as joining the grotto chapterhead, all members of the social here will be considered Guests and actual members (of which we believe shall be few at this time) will be considered Grotto Citizens.


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Ana Massien is a 47 yr old Shaman/Pagan and Heatheru. She has Souix heritage and Romanian ancestry. She is anti gay and LBGTQ+ community as she does not like it when people use paganism to further their activism. She is a writer on wordpress, tumblr, ning, pagangroups,site, and Medium and Disqus, she auto curates things on She is single, straight and asexual. She loves all the little witchy things: Pinterest, twitter, witchblr, coffee, Restyle Clothing, paganism jewelry from geek, incense from walmart, and conversations with her Guides and Great Spirit. She is a Fire spirit, and also works with spirit itself. She believes in ascension and works on clearing past bond histories with spirit mates that she no longer feels connected too. It works!

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