We know everything about the CoronaVirus Right? Wrong.

We know it originally originated in China. But How? Did someone eat a bad animal product or potato?

1. How did this originate? We swear we know the way to treat it to kill it, so how did it originate?

2. Not to be morbid but thousands of people are dying over night, within weeks. This is not possible, because not many hospitials have that many beds to put people into. They said they did not have enough ventilators. We don't even have names for people who are dying, where did they live, who were they? Are docs just calling up news media and going "Yeah, ten more people died last night." All we have is numbers and no one is paying attention. If these people are that ill to die over night, they'd be in ICU and we'd have details about it.

3. This is about money and stimulating the US economy. What is weeks to a President who is rich? Nothing. What I mean is, he gets everything to lock down and clean things up and restock, but they ship less products to store to make it look like a shortage is going on. I am an empath -- I know this. I have been through hurricanes, blizzards, ice storms, droughts and My city has never shut down schools or had empty TP aisles. I went online searching for TP to buy - 30 or so rolls for 37.00 lol wtf

He sends the american people into a frenzy about shit, he doesn't care about us, and then chumps us enough change with his bail out money going towards stores and businesses that agreed to go into this BS, to satisfy us so he can raise wages and SSI for the fall quarter not even knowing if he will still be in office.

Mark these words, every American business owner who took part in this bail out payment, will feel like shit when these payments come in. You aren't going to be young and skinny again or have perky titties or whatever again and you won't have all the balls by the toes and be dazzling and interesting. You will be restless, tired, bored and you will feel guilty for getting the majority of your shoppers harassed for not staying home to save lives -- we still have to shop and buy food, clothing and medicine. 

You people are silly and fuck you.

-- Ana Massien

PS the more you talk to people about the covid panic the more you give yourselves away. I never saw stimulus payments be drafted so quickly, because that was the whole point. You should be ashamed of yourselves. The stores in America went into lockdown and clean up and new hours right away -- statements have been posted everywhere. This country makes me sick.

But hey, here is some free money from the government to enjoy one time only. You don't have to pay it back either.

Truly yours.

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Ana Massien writes for tumblr, wordpress, ning, paganbook.space. She is 47 years old, single white female. German, Sioux and Romanian Ancestry.
She prefers if you consider her non humanoid or otherkin/therian. She is a Dark/Gothic/Nocturnal Pagan and Spiritual Satanist. She hates severely injustice. She recently destroyed her twitter account and never hopes to have another one.

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