I have a new site to tell you all about! This one is on webs and is a full fledged paid for community with chat/video chat and IM and a Link directory.

I hope you will come check out the new site as well. This one will continue on as a free book of shadows project and a news resource. You can still join it but we don't have any groups or videos or anything.

Pagan Grotto 

This site replaces the which was too much to afford a yr to upgrade (78+40$) 118$ no Thank you.

In addition also we are still using the Pagan Groups site over on Hiveflare, which has groups which are like mini social networks themselves, we have advertising there as well, and a pagan market listing like craigslist.

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Ana Massien is a 47 yr old Shaman/Pagan and Heatheru. She has Souix heritage and Romanian ancestry. She is anti gay and LBGTQ+ community as she does not like it when people use paganism to further their activism. She is a writer on wordpress, tumblr, ning, pagangroups,site, and Medium and Disqus, she auto curates things on She is single, straight and asexual. She loves all the little witchy things: Pinterest, twitter, witchblr, coffee, Restyle Clothing, paganism jewelry from geek, incense from walmart, and conversations with her Guides and Great Spirit. She is a Fire spirit, and also works with spirit itself. She believes in ascension and works on clearing past bond histories with spirit mates that she no longer feels connected too. It works!

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