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In light of the news on animal massacres I just want to type up something official so people will know we do not condone animal sacrifice, due to us being both pagan (Dark) and Spiritual Satanist (Non LaVey), our chapter does not condone animal violence, or people in our chapter who feel superior to animals.

Be this livestock, or house animals or wild animals, or sick animals. This is a fetid type of magick and practice and it does not make you a better pagan, occultist or magickian. It makes you a sicko.

Thee Chapter here believes that Satan is a deity, a presence in both Good Magick and Neutral, not believing in evil as we are not animal, not savage like man or mammon is. People who have no religious ethic, who are sickos who hurt animals or even people are not "Selfless in spirit" and are not "Sacred Life". They are of Mammon, which is the sick depravity of the world around them and think if they harm animals or drink their blood or other fluids they will overcome the land or the animal in question. This Mammon is "evil" but has nothing to do with Satan itself. Satan is not evil.

In the bible, God uses Satan to do things for himself/themself. Satan is never destroyed or killed by God, in fact God in revelation looses Satan on the sinful populace, so they can pay. In such a way, Satan is God's destroyer. This is how we perceive Satan here. When Satan tempts Christ in the desert, Christ rebukes Satan, but to rebuke is just to scold. It does not do anything to anyone or destroy Satan.

We believe if we are Selfless and be like Satan or (Atan) and help others regardless if we should or not, we will be doing the great work for ourselves and others. Christians do this in their God's name, Yahweh or even Jehovah, and we choose to do so in Satan's Legacy, not their name, for that is blasemphy in some way, but in their legacy. We also practivce the right of free will to think for ourselves, and we are Free in spirit and being. I Am, I do. Like our Logo says below:




  I AM. I DO.

(in spirit and body and mind)

which is the one conscienceness and our center


This path is also considered Heathen/Caita (Kay-sha) and could be considered old Tenic brotherhood. (800 AD)

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Ana Massien is a 47 yr old Shaman/Pagan and Heatheru. She has Souix heritage and Romanian ancestry. She is anti gay and LBGTQ+ community as she does not like it when people use paganism to further their activism. She is a writer on wordpress, tumblr, ning, pagangroups,site, and Medium and Disqus, she auto curates things on She is single, straight and asexual. She loves all the little witchy things: Pinterest, twitter, witchblr, coffee, Restyle Clothing, paganism jewelry from geek, incense from walmart, and conversations with her Guides and Great Spirit. She is a Fire spirit, and also works with spirit itself. She believes in ascension and works on clearing past bond histories with spirit mates that she no longer feels connected too. It works!

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