Moon N Fang

We are a store now called Moon N Fang, at facebook and also at .

We sell incense holders and dishes/ritual trays for your jewelry, stones or gems, symbols and or lucky dice, pins, lapels whatever it is you do. The Moon Creatures are animals or objects and then painted with acryllic paints and or water colors. They are made of clay.  Moon Dishes are ritual plates and bowls for smudge/sage/mugwort or anything else you need to burn like cone incense. It has a clay base in which you can burn your cone incense because it will leave marks on the plates.

Price range - $2-7 dollars which includes shipping & handling.

To learn how to buy these items, please see the Group or ask me a direct question regarding an item, its price the shipping process, I would be happy to do business with you.


The way I do business has changed, when buying or selling (me to you) we must now create a contract through which focuses on some key points:

1. The buying/selling relationship, shipping, handling, mailing the products to you, Provide a tracking code to you for your safe keeping.

2. Item arrived damaged - in case item arrived damaged you can take a picture and order another one, and I will send it in a more stable container.

3. Keeps you from ripping me off or I, you which I am not about doing. I will upload the general document here so you can see this is not just a hack.

4. Refunds: If you buy an item, its yours to keep, there is no "I thought it was bigger" or "I really need my money back" That is why the price is small also because its just two or three dollars for most. If you buy more than one product and it's 15 or more, I will refund eight ($8) but not the whole amount.

5. Reporting a problem, if there is an issue or damage with the item(s) you will need to take a picture of the item, unless it was broken during shipping then there is nothing I can do that advice you get some glue and glue it back together. You will also need to take a picture of the container it arrived in and provide a tracking number like is done with wish or aliexpress or geek sites. I shop online so I know what one has to do to get a refund or something else.

To be updated!

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