There is a heated debate going on as Native Americans everywhere spit on American soil with hatred.

When we were truly native, we knew we owned nothing, we needed nothing and we were spirit warriors.

Now, I understand loss. But bitching and whining over something done, is at best immature. It's history and you can't change it. You can only learn from it.

What lead to Natives losing their lands?

1. USA needed resources from those lands.

2. War Occupations and Forts in the 1800's.

3. Troubles or other things wrong with the tribes/lands.

I am a spiritual Sioux, of course my skin is white, stark white, I am one of those people. My hair is naturally brown and blond. I don't look like a native American, but I am one and I am a shaman, and I am not one to get stoned or smoke.

Who listened when they said they would help those lands?

If you truly are native, you know you own nothing in life.

Not land, not your body, spirit or your blood.

But if you make enough noise someone may come over with a grant and make life better for you.

Rural America, The urban cities, The native american grounds, has the same problem:

Greed, insecurity. My parents didn't love me or I have no family. I am poor. I don't have enough food. I don't have enough money or can't find a job.

The heart turns inward and black, hatred spurns onward.

Then you get money and are first in line at Walmart buying beer and Cigs and American Movies and porn mags, and guns and really stupid shit to make your American life more meaningful, yet when your native american days come along, you spit on Americana like it never helped you. Smoke you a blunt, drink a beer or a 12 pack. Waste away your life and don't bathe either. Your mental health barrier is just steadily dropping.

I am Glad I am an American. I don't want to be like any of the rest of you natives.

Grow up.


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Ana Massien writes for tumblr, wordpress, ning, She is 47 years old, single white female. German, Sioux and Romanian Ancestry.
She prefers if you consider her non humanoid or otherkin/therian. She is a Dark/Gothic/Nocturnal Pagan and Spiritual Satanist. She hates severely injustice. She recently destroyed her twitter account and never hopes to have another one.

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    I don't think you understand why I'm Prejudiced. You see it from the world view. I believe my prefs, on being prejudiced towards whatever gives me ability to see a truth no one else sees.

    I don't dislike Africans because their black. I dislike them because they think white women are their dream status. I understand we're attractive but black men aren't to me so I am supposed to shut up and be nice when one of them hits on me or tries to seduce me? I also dislike them because their unclean as shit and can't shower worth a flip. Sometimes white men don't shower and I think their just as nasty. I prefer a man that showers lol

    Saying someone is a supremacist does not mean that person hates everything. It means they have a pref on what they prefer in life.

    Some yes, like KKK and so on just do not like what they don't like. Am I in agreeance with this? If they don't bother me I don't know what the deal is. If they are out there murdering people then its probably wrong. There is a way to deal justice. and the Neo Confederates, I can't blame them for wanting to be this way, but there sis a way to do something and then not a way.

    Just because you think some things are unfair does not mean prejudice doesn't have a purpose or a place. Prejudice does not always mean hate. 

    I am sorry you too had a shitty family. Mines all dead now, and the same as yours because they never grew up and guess what I was adopted and they tried in some way just to let foul corruption try to destroy them and they were Good people. Mom washed dads clothes and he gave her money every week to shop with. Dad was a fireman he made money. lol But Mom was an addict and always would have been. I hated her from the time I turned 18 until the time I was 30 something. Because I remembered I didn't come here to have family or parents. My soul or spirit purpose is totally something else. It seems you have an issue with some of it. But its not for you to do a damn thing about. You know when my mind is made Imma do what I need to do and if it wasn't working for me or the planet why in god's name is their change? Why are the other people miserable? Because they did not get to be evil. amen. So if I have to prejudiced then I damn sure will. You've known me how long? I have always been this way?

    So you tell me a bunch of drunk native americans have the right to be unorganized in their spirit? No thank you. I am Native too, but jesus christ. If I am drinking and being a loser I am a loser. I don't drink or do drugs. That is so disrespectful to my temple.


    Are you saying I should change the way I feel about Native Americans? I have already stated that as a Preference I am a white supremacist. I have opinionated views that aren't of the norm but I am a real person and I am designed to do and feel the way I do as a reason and purpose.

    I JUST KNOW THAT Native Americans aren't as broken up over their lands as much as they say. Its just bitching about something. Land is land, and we all had it originally in the beginning. Think of your past lives and how much land you had or were off whenever. What did you do with the land? Think about your answers. Life got hard and you may have sold it or left it or rented it away. Thinking you may always have it or you would get it back. Its still the same with the Native people.

    Is it terrible to think I am prejudiced against other races? I have tried to ascend away from it seeing it as a flaw at one time of my dna but its still there and there for a reason. At my base coding I am Lyran and you should know we are some interesting people. I have never been with anyone who wasn't a vampyre or white. I am just a purist. Its not something I could or want to change. I want to honor my being and my people with what I choose.

    There is not a thing wrong with being Honest about Prejudice. People just think we have to accept everything.  I don't want people to accept me and I wanna be someone. I am someone. I am already "set place" and I did it this way. I did it honestly about everything I feel. 


    Do you mean anyone's prejudiced behaviour? Lots of people thought I was crazy to wtite the above article but I saw it trending on twitter and a post by the red nation got me going. I disagree that anyone can have a biased or prejudiced opinion about something. I mean its kinda dumb, "I want land. I want rights" yeah so when you get drunk enough you can sell some more shit lol and then have nothing. Most people think they are all up there huddled in blankets feeling alone and scared. No their not. wtf you know. Its a Gimmick. It's Voice, a reaction. "Hell no we won't go!" nonsense.. lol  I like writing about deep issues, they effect people allot, the most.


    People can be prejudiced. I mean they can say their not and they are. I rather them be honest for how they feel than not.

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