This comment is a result of the recent articles about Recompose, a body composting service in Washington state that may compost bodies into soil which helps with deforestation in the state.

I orginally posted a comment about how gross this was, it was meant as a bit humorous, but of course I am not "Pagan enough" to support the ideal.

Then someone posted that in ancient times they buried relatives beneath the floor. I also said this was a bit perverse and I didn't know any culture ever to be doing that, unless they were poor or "hungarian".

Then this person chimes in with their benefit:


Pagan Community Notes: UK “Witch the Vote,” Egyptian tattooed mummies, Iron Age shield and burial site discovered, and more!

Baruch Dreamstalker

"Morbid." "Not right in the head." "Travesty." "Gross."

Ana, your comments are loaded with put-downs arising from a very narrow cultural perspective. Folks here extend respect to your perspective, and certainly your right to hold it, but you shouldn't expect your narrow-minded YUKKs to get much traction."


It is Morbid, nor is it right in the head. Was a Travesty and it is Gross. regardless what people did, was it the right thing to do? People buring people under the floor boards of their home, isn't sane (Bugs/Odor) and it seems a bit creepy to do? Yes I can have a very narrow cultural perspective. (when it comes to buring the dead in the floor) No they don't or you wouldn't be replying this way? I am not trying to get any traction. I was JUST commenting the article, not trying to see if I can be proven right by these other people carrying an opinion or something. You just don't want me commenting on the wild hunt. You think of yourself as better and me as less, because I am a woman and you don't want me to be here, Baruch! I would have replied over there but TWH had locked the comments and You can't just openly email the user on disqus.

It's Commenters like this that try and make the wild hunt look good. (whitey look good for daddy!) You narrow minded shit. 

I don't need Traction. Over here I am pulling on cloudflare about 35K a month in ssl requests and many more on that in my other sites as well. People just don't join communities anymore. I am well read or they'd not be here. I get 45K plus a month on twitter and none of its promoted materials. People in their own right see me as an elder of the pagan community in my own right. I am 47 yrs old. If I was one of these "Broad minded Culturists" who were burying the dead in the floor still would the wild hunt traffic commentors like me even more? Its doubtful. I don't comment an article because I want to FIT IN. Like I give a shit? Like I should? Look, wow the wild hunt media circus and bawdy morbid commentors. I can't believe some of you say half the things you do say on there.... brains? where are the brains? Vaped.

Bigots. Not very pagan in origin themselves.


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