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 I am asexual, not bisexual or gay. I prefer to be with vampyric (white) men ONLY (Not Sanguine)


 I am Ana Massien, your Network Creator. I am 47 yrs old and been pagan for 22+ years. I am solitary and this is my Grotto Chapter. We are Pagans who also think of Satan in a good way rather than harmful, and we know this makes us one of the first chapters ever to do so. Satan is a Deity, and apart from Christian Dogma we know nothing of himself/theirself. So please keep an open mind and agree to disagree here.  I am an Aries at heart even through my "birthday/creation day" Is in July. I am not a cancer. Aries was the sun sign for July a few times in the 60's but I don't adhere to the Zodiac. I am just a typical aries, stubborn, competitve, fierce. I like it when people make sense and things make sense. No need for so much mystical or nonsense. I like quiet evenings, cats, and bats, rats, the moon, winter, fall leaves, good food and coffee. I am straight, single and not seeking anything but friendship. If you have heard something about me, then I can prove to you its not true. Lots of other people want to be me, aren't and believe they fall short. I am a life coach also and focus on the positive outlook of life and living.

 I have a plethora of other websites, blogs and things I tinker with from time to time.

You Can find a list of them here: My Extra Pages 


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Dark Pagans Grotto will stay on Ning, and just be a free open network, still for dark pagans and all others if interested and the free book of shadows project.
Ok so no one is confused - The Pagan Grotto is also Pagan Groups.site and will have anoth…
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"welcome to dpg :) We currently have a group on pagangroups.site too."
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"Hey and welcome! Thanks for joining, feel free to post your blog up when you have a chance ;)"
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How many of us or you, have had an awesome website community experience just go to poop in less than ten minutes?
I have! I have had it happen many times. Due to some knucklehead on a forum or a news list, or a spiritual community or news feed.
I ha…
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"Feel free to use any chat on the website here NING or skysa or Minnit"
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"Welcome to our group for our particular part of the Grotto Community!
I Hope you will find a home here and will share photos, videos, forum talks and more."
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The term winterize is from housing, when a house is winterized, its made ready for a change of season because its empty and most likely on the market. The landlord or owner gets the house, plumbing ready for a long period of time or a change of seas…
Nov 4
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Magick is real! The Veil is not!
In ancient times, and today's folklorist witch covens and solitaries, who think they are magickal, who can feel the thinnest of the veils and the approach of the ancestors, let me tell you something:…
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