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July 23



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 I am asexual, not bisexual or gay. 


 I am Ana Massien, your Network Creator. I am 47 yrs old and been pagan for 22+ years. I am solitary and this is my Grotto Chapter. We are Pagans who also think of Satan in a good way rather than harmful, and we know this makes us one of the first chapters ever to do so. Satan is a Deity, and apart from Christian Dogma we know nothing of himself/theirself. So please keep an open mind and agree to disagree here.  I am an Aries at heart even through my "birthday/creation day" Is in July. I am not a cancer. Aries was the sun sign for July a few times in the 60's but I don't adhere to the Zodiac. I am just a typical aries, stubborn, competitve, fierce. I like it when people make sense and things make sense. No need for so much mystical or nonsense. I like quiet evenings, cats, and bats, rats, the moon, winter, fall leaves, good food and coffee. I am straight, single and not seeking anything but friendship. If you have heard something about me, then I can prove to you its not true. Lots of other people want to be me, aren't and believe they fall short. I am a life coach also and focus on the positive outlook of life and living.

 I have a plethora of other websites, blogs and things I tinker with from time to time.

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Moon N Fang (Updated and OPEN!) the store is being rebuilt and I am adding new things. Pretty soon I will make all products $8.00 therefore the shipping and handling will be apart of the new price.