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Unlike ning 2 and socibd, ning 3 profiles do not allow drag and drop by an independent user, its pre set.

You can add, comment and friend request and chat with others and comment on their status, pics, articles and so on.

You can leave graphics and html comments.

Comments should never be negative and if so, offer constructive critique on how to improve.

Comments should be encouraging.

If you have a disagreement with someone, unfriend them, block them, unfollow their content (follow at the bottom of most articles or profiles) and move on with your life. Do not send them hate mail or hate chat. Do not ignore others in chat you do not like, chat is for all people and do not talk about members behind their back there or in mail, or with other friends in private messages. Any of these will lead to public banning for all members involved.

** If someone is complaining about a member to you, please report the issue because this is negative and not being encouraging. NO CLIQUES here, we are all

How the donations work up above.

We have a donations area which is our personal paywall for this ning that allows you to donate money to paypal to be used for this site's upkeep. (group modules, 20.00 a month plan)

Donations are welcome but not mandatory. I would like you to give at least 10.00 a month and if you do you will receive advertising permissions to advertise up to three 220x120 static banner/sites for as long as you give a donation.

Donations are non refundable. This is a donation that helps our site grow. If you want to have it refunded, you never intended to give it freely and get an advertising credit -- we allow you to run advertising on the site for the amount you give. This means the donation is appreciated and you are given an ad credit for the months you give. Advertising credits are only usable by the months they were paid for, so you gave once you have one ad credit. If you paid 30.00 usd you have three (3) months credit. If you subscribe to the quarterly plan (eve

This is an idea discussed in news. It involves a featured member's or author's BoS collection to be a paid content feature on this website. This can be done in two ways: Throught a group later on, and the author charge a paywall for access to their content or featured collection, or through a featured book of articles on this site that people pay to see for a fandom of that author.

1. Later on when we have the groups modules, you will be able to set up a group and sell content through it, or set up a pay wall to see your works.

2. You can request a paid featured BoS on the site in the articles that you'll fill out and charge people a subscription to view and or download for their own personal use.

3. Content can not contain anything harmful to yourself, themself, animals or other people.

4. Content must follow or keep to a karmic law or nine virtues or troths.

5. Content can not contain anything illegal, terroristic, erotica or xxx materials.

6. Once the price is set, price for the fea

Welcome to the guidelines sectional for the whole site. Only admins can add articles here.

Unfortunately we have to have an area where the rules are enforced.

Main Rules:

  • No Harassment, ridicule or bullying of beliefs, people or cultures. Let people decide what works for them. No one said you had to live their way, what works for one does not for all. Be you but don't force yours on anyone else. This is intolerence.
  • No Nudity or erotica, xxx or porn anywhere at anytime on this network. Groups may later or articles maintain a skyclad theme but only in the further interest of being free in paganism and magick. I am aware of sexual magick and the interest of tantra, sexual vampyrism, pranic energy vampyrism may be discussed and written about in a private manner.
  • Please email the main admin me, before writing this content unless in a private group.
  • Encourage others, participate in things on site and use the account you are given. People will be randomly deleted on a 2 week basis if non act


Scientists Peek Inside Dinosaur Eggs to Learn Secrets from Fossilized Embryos via Ancient Origins
Dinosaur eggs
1 hour ago
Art Before the Pharaohs: 10,000 BC Paintings Found in Egypt via Ancient Origins
Ancient rock art discovered in Egypt
4 hours ago
Are the 11,300-Year-Old LSU Mounds the US Göbekli Tepe? via Ancient Origins
LSU campus Native American Mound
11 hours ago
Fort Canning Park, The Oasis of Singapore or Haunted Hill? via Ancient Origins
Spiral staircase of underground crossing in tunnel at Fort Canning Park, Singapore Source: (martinhosmat083/ Adobe Stock)
19 hours ago
Pre-Roman Prince’s Tomb Packed With Treasures Found in Italy via Ancient Origins
A burial pit full of grave goods. (Pierluigi Giorgi / © Antiquity Publications Ltd)
23 hours ago
3,000 Year-Old Egyptian Mummy Speaks From The Afterlife via Ancient Origins
Sarcophagus of Nesyamun, source of the Mummy’s voice      Source: © Leeds Museums and Galleries
Poison Paranoia: Mythical Antidotes of Ancient Alchemists via Ancient Origins
Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Condemned Prisoners by Alexandre Cabanel (1887) (Public Domain)
World’s Oldest Mosaic Unearthed in Turkey via Ancient Origins
Closeup of the Bronze Age mosaic at Usa̧klı Höyük. Source: Anacleto D'Agostino / Usa̧klı Höyük Archaeological Project
Ancient DNA From West Africa Reveals ‘Ghost’ Lineage via Ancient Origins
The Shum Laka rock shelter in Cameroon, home to an ancient population that bears little genetic resemblance to most people who live in the region today.    Source: Pierre de Maret
Finding Temazcaltitlán: Aztec ‘Sweat Lodge’ Holds Sacred Meaning in Mexico via Ancient Origins
The temazcal, sweat lodge, found in La Merced, Mexico City, Mexico. Source: INAH
What Makes Spartan Women So Different From Other Ancients? via Ancient Origins
Spartan woman in foreground with her warrior husband in the background.   Source: serhiibobyk / Adobe stock
Hiding From Mount Vesuvius Prolonged Victims' Deaths via Ancient Origins
Victims found in a fornici hiding from the blast of Mount Vesuvius     Source: Rachelle Martyn et al, Antiquity
Fields of Mourning, Where Grieving Love-Sick Women Retire via Ancient Origins
Phaèdra by Alexandre Cabanel (1818) Musee Fabre. (Public Domain)
Fires Reveal More of the 6,000-Year-Old Budj Bim Site via Ancient Origins
Fire services fought to save the Budj Bim site.
Neolithic Hunter’s Ring Found to Be Made of Antler via Ancient Origins
Neolithic ring proved to be made of antler or bone.   Source: John Nakata / Adobe Stock
13-year-old Israeli Boy Stumbles Upon Ancient Byzantine Inscription via Ancient Origins
Stav Meir, holding the 1,500-year-old Byzantine inscription that he discovered near Caesarea. Source: Karem Said/ Israel Antiquities Authority
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