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Winterize Yourself for Winter

The term winterize is from housing, when a house is winterized, its made ready for a change of season because its empty and most likely on the market. The landlord or owner gets the house, plumbing ready for a long period of time or a change of season.

So also pagans are just anyone in general need to prepare ourselves for the winter as well.

This includes Mental wellness, emotional wellness and physical wellness.

The most important thing is to dress more approximately. Dress in layers and coats and then take off layers should you get too warm.

In winter and late fall our skin can become dry and even itchy! Make sure you have some lotion, salves or even conditioners to help you smell good, feel better by and to help us endure winter!

Check in with some Herbal soaps. These smell great and feel great as well. Anything with Verbena or Calendula. Anise is also ground and crushed and made into a lotion or a salve. (Can be worn as poltice also for rash or sunburn)

Stay away from sprays and perfumes. These can dry out the sinuses, as well as the skin!

Hydrate and make sure you are drinking enough water! This can be a big first step in staying active, less sluggish and hydrated.

If you have problems drinking regular tap water, try some Dasani or some Aquafina and add some lemon juice or slices or lime slices to the mixture.

Some swear by drinking it first thing in the morning but I am sensitive -- wait til about an hour and half after you actually wake up. Then even take a antacid tablet to help your stomach or you'll be in the bath room until 3 pm if you are like me!

Take Vitamin E tablets about once a week or two. I wouldn't take one every day but taking Vitamin E about twice a week gives more energy especially after lunch and in the evening when people may get sluggish.

Drink or Eat Cranberries or Cranberry Juice. Cranberries stimulate the brain and the mind and the front lobe and aid digestive and the colon. Drink or eat them along with your lunch at work.

Use a Humidifer in the home and in your room or work office if possible. Heaters dry out the air about us making it dryer for us when we breathe and sit near them just to be warm -- make sure you have one in the office if you get chilly. Work progress suffers when we are cold.

Do not use Oil Difusers in the bedroom or upstairs, they can dry out the air more quickly and even inspire headaches and tension. Everything is tied to our nose and sinuses. Use Oil diffusers down stairs ONLY, as oil will travel up into the air (heat rises) and can cause the air to be constrictive for sensitive breathers. (Asthma, COPD)

Eat Pepperjack cheese. The Japaleno peppers in pepperjack cheese produce warmth sensation and also inspire the mind and brain to work their best. It helps when added to lunch sandwiches or even as a lite snack with grapes or other fruits and berries.

Incense use in the bedroom or home can also dry out the air. Try to burn incense downstairs outside or once or twice if in the bedroom. (I won't be following this.. lol)

Sprays like air refreshners and even fabric sprays can tend to dry out the air as well. 

Use a Citrus handwash, body soap, or shampoo. These shampoos or soaps are often clear or see through, orange and or smell like oranges. This stimulates the mind, body and spirit to be more calm and productive -- the color orange is often used in theraphy to help calm others. This is why netrogena soap is orange and clear, it stimulates the mind and being! Lemon and lime are not bad either and neither is Grapefruit scents. Grapefruit stimulates memory.

Drink about a half of a shot glass full of red wine in the evening about 2-3 hours before bed. It will stimulate the flow of blood in the body and get the body ready for a good sleep and you will wake up refreshed in the morning and not be in any rush. It also stimulates a good mood.

Eat Garlic in mashed potatos. It regulates the heart beat and the flow of blood and cleanses the blood flow of anything negative. It produces the chemicals that make us happy and well sated and keeps negative vibes from being in your bubble. It is also good for the colon and the digestive tract.

Eat spinach (baby spinach leaves) in salads. For go the lettuce itself and just make a good salad of spinach leaves, tomatos and carrots, olives *black* and radishes *if you like them* if not, then add mushroom (fresh) but if you do not like them try some fruit like apple slices or even orange wedges,,, and add your fav salad dressing with a little cheese like mozarella or bleu or even provolone. This form of salad stimulates the mind, being and is good for all your inside parts. White onion can also be added.


Mental Wellness

It is very important also to make sure, in line with prescription medicines you may be taking to make sure you take a vitamin and some other supplements too.

Zinc tablets are very handy and help with mucus production in the body. They will dry up allot of the snot production but its important to not take too much zinc it can make you feel sick if you do.

I swear by 5-HTP which helps produce healthy amounts of serotonin in the body which regulate everything! Including melatonin which helps us fall asleep well and wake up refreshed! Do not try and jeckyl and hyde this medicine because you will get sick if you take too much.

You can also buy melatonin supplements to help you regulate your melatonin, which regulates sleep amounts and even weight gain, good mood and good thoughts.

Many rebels are going to be like "No No" when seeing this, thinking if they take a supplement for mental health they are going to lose something and not be themselves anymore -- if that if what you think you need help!

Winter can be expressedly hard on the depressive people, people who are sensitive to emotions and atmospheres. Not only did I lose my bad attitude on life but I gained insight as to why I was so negative! Now I am still a bad assed vampire chic but one that is healthly mentally and this pisses off all my negative ex boyfriends who still want me to feel like I am shit. (HEY MATT!!!)

I also take a Gummy Multi Vitamin called Vitajoy. This helps me with energy and just day to day junk that I am going to deal with.


It is very important for the being and spirit to be clean, refreshed and relaxed.

I have fibro, RA and Tension in my muscles, get stoved up for no apparent reason (writing on my laptop) and other problems as well.

I am an avid user of Dr. Teal's epsom salt line of lotions and epsom salts gel and other things.

I also like Village Natural's products. They smell good and help and relax.

I like Calgon as well, but it seems I am allergic to it now and it makes the bath tub too slippery.

Another Good soap and oil is Green Tea, Macha Green Tea and Tea Tree Oil. It cuts down on the paranormal negative vibe and GUNK.

I like Dead sea Collection Green tea soap, Herbal essences Cucumber and Green Tea shampoo and conditioner. Macha Green Tea Dr. Teal's soap.

Dove's New shampoo and Conditioner from Latin America with Avacodo and Calendula. Softsoap's Orange peel and Honeysuckle. This will drive a man insane too btw.  All these scents will.

I love the entire softsoap line of products including their lemon fresh kitchen soap which is also antibacterial.

I also swear by baby oil in the form of the cocoa smell. Just a brisk rub after the shower or before bed stimulates blood flow and leads to relaxation.

For cleaners of the bathroom, I like anything lemon or orange in the winter. Smelling it while cleaning keeps me in a good mood.

Comet has a new Foaming spray that smells like Lemons, and Pine sol also smells like lemons.

I hope this post helps you out. Feel free to share all over social media.

-- Ana Massien

*It pays to be a Herbal woman*


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