Some Rituals to Do on Samhain!

Things to do on Halloween or Samhain if you like creepy and spooky things.

1. Walk through a graveyard. It doesn't have to be to see ancestors, even though technically once dead and gone, they are. Graveyards are more than yards meant to bury people in. They can represent a sacred connection to life, and the beyond. Regardless if you have "died and came back" due to illness or surgery or shamanic rite, a graveyard can be a sacred area. Just walk through and admire everything you see. Take some pictures and look like a lost tourist. On the outskirts of the graveyard find a small granite rock. Take it home with you to put in or on your altar. This is a special rock and can protect you from danger. Astral baddies tend to not want to go near rocks from a graveyard.

2. Do Tarot Spreads. Three Tarot spreads in a row regarding your past, present and future. Don't ask a question. First do the one from the past, and write down what you get and what each card means to you. Do not attempt to figure it out until the last two are done. Then do the present, then the future. Write down each card from each spread (Three cards a piece for each reading). Now, if you need more insight, draw one card for each reading from the remaining cards and write them down and their meanings to you. Don't cheat! (Bad karma)

3. Tea leaves/grounds or coffee grounds. Get a cup of water and make tea or coffee. However don't drink it, pour in the tea grounds or the coffee grounds. Ask for some guidance. Take a deep breath and blow it out, and swirl the tea or coffee grounds in the glass or mug. Write or draw down any symbols that come to you from these kinds of readings. If unclear, inhale/exhale again and swirl the grounds about in the glass or mug. Draw or write whatever comes to mind.

4. Say Goodbye to the Gunk from Last year:

Find a white, purple or orange or black candle. See all the bullshat you've put up with in the past year. Hold it in your left hand (the candle) channel the nasty into the candle. Light that MF'er and watch it burn. Say "Fire's Cast, It wasn't a Blast!" and off it goes. As it burns see all the nasty gunk gone in the new wheel of the year. When burnt to smushy pile, discard away from the home as soon as possible.

5. Sweep your entire working space inside or outside with your witches broom to symbolize a new whirl of magick and the new year coming to you.

6. Take a red piece of cord or yarn or string. Tie three knots in cord or yarn or string and name each one. Like insecurities you have you'd like to notice less of in the new year. Ask Kali Ma to watch over these concerns. Burn the string.

7. Take a walk in a park that is special and safe to you. Take something home from the park as long as its safe to do so, to add to your altar in the new year. These will be empowering objects for 2020, whenever you get bummed out or depressed, pray or chant or hold these objects to remind yourself of your walk on Samhain of 2019.



Hold a dumb supper for the recently passed in your life. The belief is that the veil thins and the dead come back to visit the living on Samhain, when in reality it was a Celtic Fire festival to honor the harvests. It was also a get together. It was also sometimes the start of summer rather than the start of winter. It was not always a new year either, or we would celebrate the same at Beltaine in May (The flip side to Samhain in the southern Hemisphere). Cook a small dinner (you don't have too go to great lengths) just something like pies or cookies will do also. Don't do this in a prone buggy area. Or something like small crackers or even pecans. You'll also feed birds, squrriels, possums maybe, chipmunks so think of something they may like too. Say something about being reverent to your friends or family and  thank them for being here when they were.


Unfortunately for folklore wiccans and witches, there is no veil, unless we are the veil we speak of. I don't believe in a veil anymore, and the veil is just the idea, something keeps us here and we can't just walk over to the summerlands or whatever. (Pagan heaven) and be with loved ones, when its just not so, we live when we are supposed too and we move on should we need too. There will be days of sorrow and great days of joy. There is a season of every purpose under heaven.

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