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Oh Holy Night


Yule is the time of year of gift giving, yule logs, spiced cider or mead drinking, hanging out with friends and relatives and seeking comfort foods.

Many pagans meet at sacred ritual sites (Stonehenge, Newgrange) and some other places to celebrate publicly with other pagans and witches.

Some may only gather at a home or park with close friends or coven members.

This, like thanksgiving is about showing appreciation for all you have in the current and moving into the new year. If you are solitary, just light a small candle and give thanks for all you have currently while envisioning what else you want to transpire in the new year - which for pagans is on Samhain, or Halloween. I personally don't celebrate that way any more and don't really believe in the standard new year because people want to steal time and change dates. The Original new year was Lammas in the past. Christmas and Yule were in July. Yule originally meant "Green Boughs" which bloomed in July, July is when mistletoe begins to grow, and is especially green at this time. Yule has also had other names, such as Yule(io), and Yulia, Vulta, Vul, Cal, and Dios to name a few. Yule was originally a druid practice but it has branched out across the globe now.

Whatever you choose to celebrate, have a safe one and drink responsibly!

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Ana Massien is a 47 yr old Shaman/Pagan and Heatheru. She has Souix heritage and Romanian ancestry. She is anti gay and LBGTQ+ community as she does not like it when people use paganism to further their activism. She is a writer on wordpress, tumblr, ning, pagangroups,site, and Medium and Disqus, she auto curates things on She is single, straight and asexual. She loves all the little witchy things: Pinterest, twitter, witchblr, coffee, Restyle Clothing, paganism jewelry from geek, incense from walmart, and conversations with her Guides and Great Spirit. She is a Fire spirit, and also works with spirit itself. She believes in ascension and works on clearing past bond histories with spirit mates that she no longer feels connected too. It works!

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