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Book Of Shadows

Detox Bath

Lots of us have stress in several kinds of ways. What can we use to enlighten ourselves and really ease tension, especially with the holidays and winter on the way?

Detox Bath:

1. Two Capfuls of any Dr. Teal's epsom salt bath gel

2. Half a Cup of Baking soda

3. Lemon scented soap or bath gel or oil

4. Hot/warm water in the bath tub

5. Optional: Rose hip oil or rose petals in the bath themselves (add to water)

6. Lavender and or Tea Tree oil mixed in with bath water


Soak for about 15-30 minutes. Light candles in the bath (on the counter). Put the heater on if you get cold. Turn off the phone. Close the door if possible. Think about very little.

Bathe as normal and dress in a robe for about 35 minutes, drink some orange juice and or other fav beverage.

Keep the caffiene light.

Dress after about 35 minutes and fix your hair like normal.


You can include facial mud mask or cucumber peels for your eyes while in the bath.


Repeat about three times a week.

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Ana Massien is a 47 yr old female pagan/heathen/heatheru/shaman. She is an aries and loves crystals, gems, metals, bubble bath, epsom salts. nature walks, forest bathing, full moons, owls, ravens, bats and vampires. She writes for tumblr ( and wordpress (witskuslantern, spiritualstate) and she creates bitchin' awesome communities like this one and

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