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We Have come up with a name that magnifies our approach to Post Modern Paganism:


We are a grotto tradition, meaning we recognize all deities, including Satan.

Not Bible Satan and Not LaVey's works which is for the work of  atheists.

The picture above was found on pinterest and I believe it to be in the public domain.



This is our motto, through an inverted pentacle we are free of certain dogma that others pass judgment with.

In wearing one, we are mature in mind and body and spirit, and we are capable of good decisions and being.

You can buy emblem on a tee or hoodie in our STORE. Thank you for your support.



Scientists Peek Inside Dinosaur Eggs to Learn Secrets from Fossilized Embryos via Ancient Origins
Dinosaur eggs
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Art Before the Pharaohs: 10,000 BC Paintings Found in Egypt via Ancient Origins
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LSU campus Native American Mound
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Fort Canning Park, The Oasis of Singapore or Haunted Hill? via Ancient Origins
Spiral staircase of underground crossing in tunnel at Fort Canning Park, Singapore Source: (martinhosmat083/ Adobe Stock)
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Pre-Roman Prince’s Tomb Packed With Treasures Found in Italy via Ancient Origins
A burial pit full of grave goods. (Pierluigi Giorgi / © Antiquity Publications Ltd)
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3,000 Year-Old Egyptian Mummy Speaks From The Afterlife via Ancient Origins
Sarcophagus of Nesyamun, source of the Mummy’s voice      Source: © Leeds Museums and Galleries
Poison Paranoia: Mythical Antidotes of Ancient Alchemists via Ancient Origins
Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Condemned Prisoners by Alexandre Cabanel (1887) (Public Domain)
World’s Oldest Mosaic Unearthed in Turkey via Ancient Origins
Closeup of the Bronze Age mosaic at Usa̧klı Höyük. Source: Anacleto D'Agostino / Usa̧klı Höyük Archaeological Project
Ancient DNA From West Africa Reveals ‘Ghost’ Lineage via Ancient Origins
The Shum Laka rock shelter in Cameroon, home to an ancient population that bears little genetic resemblance to most people who live in the region today.    Source: Pierre de Maret
Finding Temazcaltitlán: Aztec ‘Sweat Lodge’ Holds Sacred Meaning in Mexico via Ancient Origins
The temazcal, sweat lodge, found in La Merced, Mexico City, Mexico. Source: INAH
What Makes Spartan Women So Different From Other Ancients? via Ancient Origins
Spartan woman in foreground with her warrior husband in the background.   Source: serhiibobyk / Adobe stock
Hiding From Mount Vesuvius Prolonged Victims' Deaths via Ancient Origins
Victims found in a fornici hiding from the blast of Mount Vesuvius     Source: Rachelle Martyn et al, Antiquity
Fields of Mourning, Where Grieving Love-Sick Women Retire via Ancient Origins
Phaèdra by Alexandre Cabanel (1818) Musee Fabre. (Public Domain)
Fires Reveal More of the 6,000-Year-Old Budj Bim Site via Ancient Origins
Fire services fought to save the Budj Bim site.
Neolithic Hunter’s Ring Found to Be Made of Antler via Ancient Origins
Neolithic ring proved to be made of antler or bone.   Source: John Nakata / Adobe Stock
13-year-old Israeli Boy Stumbles Upon Ancient Byzantine Inscription via Ancient Origins
Stav Meir, holding the 1,500-year-old Byzantine inscription that he discovered near Caesarea. Source: Karem Said/ Israel Antiquities Authority
3000-Year-Old Assyrian Reliefs Unearthed in ISIS Stomping Ground via Ancient Origins
The leader of the excavation, archaeologist Daniele Morandi Bonacossi, and one of the Assyrian relief carvings unearthed in the northern Kurdistan region of Iraq.    Source: Alberto Savioli / Land of Nineveh Archaeological Project / University of Udine
Polytheistic Religion: How Pantheons Reigned in the Ancient World via Ancient Origins
Egyptian gods. Source: Catmando / Adobe Stock
Naupa Iglesia: An Egyptian Portal in the Andes? via Ancient Origins
Naupa Iglesia: An Egyptian Portal in the Andes?
Ajina-Tepa, Tajikistan – Abandoned Buddhist Cloister on the Famous Silk Road via Ancient Origins
Ajina-Tepa remain in Tajikistan                     Source: Aleksandar/ Adobe Stock
Bananas Helped Ancient Lapita Culture Colonize Oceania via Ancient Origins
Main: Indigenous Polynesians. Credit: adrenalinapura / Adobe Stock. Inset: Bananas. Credit: Pongsak / Adobe Stock
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Details of an ancient Roman bronze statue. Credit: giorgio / Adobe Stock
Medieval Wine ‘Supertanker’ Saved by Community in Wales via Ancient Origins
The Newport Medieval Ship being excavated and restored.    Source: Owain at the English language Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0
Horrific Prolonged Capital Punishments in Ancient Times via Ancient Origins
Sts Savinus and Cyprian are tortured (circa 1100) Abbey Church of Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe (Public Domain)
Creators of the 800 Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings Remain Undetected via Ancient Origins
Boat with oars on a rock, Al Jassasiya, Qatar Source: Alizada Studios/ Adobe Stock
Tunnel vs. Stonehenge: The Battle For Ancient Wiltshire Advances via Ancient Origins
The Stonehenge tunnel is supposed to help traffic in the area. The A303 is in the foreground. Source: diamond geezer / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
6000-Year-Old Amphorae Reveal Ancient China’s Pursuit of Perfect Beer via Ancient Origins
Ancient amphorae found in Wuzhen, China. Please note that this is a representation and are not the amphorae used in the study.        Source: lotusjeremy / Adobe stock
World’s Oldest Sake Brewery Unearthed at Temple in Japan via Ancient Origins
Main: Traditional Japanese Sake. Credit: kathayut / Adobe Stock Inset: Remains of a sake brewery dating from the Muromachi period in Kyoto            Source: Kokusai Bunkazai Co.
Mada'in Saleh - Saudi Arabia’s Abandoned Nabatean City via Ancient Origins
Tombs of Mada’in Saleh                   Source: mstarling / Adobe Stock
John of Bohemia: A Heroic King Blind to His Fate via Ancient Origins
John of Bohemia. Source: Ondřej Kořínek/CC BY SA 3.0

Sabbats & Festivals 🌒💀🌘

 January 6th - Feast of the Morrigan

Imbolgc: Feb 2nd, 2020

The Feast Day of Brighid/Bride/Brid

We Believe In The Sacred Rule

We believe in the Sacred Rule - Do unto others as you would like done unto you, and Magick has consequences both GOOD and BAD. It is a Rite. It is a Ritual. 

Rituals and Rotes have consequences, please remember.



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