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We are for Dark Pagans, Nocturnal Pagans and Shamans, mystics, Open minded magickians that do not fear consequences, Satan (Spiritual) and spirituality in general.

We are still working on the Eclipse Movement, which is our post paganism movement. Upates will be provided soon.

21+ years and up, mature adult pagans/shamans.



Historic Plymouth Rock Defaced With Spray Paint via Ancient Origins
Plymouth Rock covered in graffiti.    Source: WCVB Viewer
8 hours ago
Nadi Shastra: Ancient Leaves of Destiny via Ancient Origins
The system of Nadi Shastra start from the thumb fingerprint. Right thumb for the man and left for woman. Then the Brahmins find 108 points to correlate with the palm leaf scripts for the destiny reading. (Image: Courtesy: Enrico Baccarini)
10 hours ago
Rock Art Puzzle of Pueblo People Solved via Ancient Origins
Main: Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde, ruins of an Anasazi Pueblo people, near where the rock art was found. Source:  Dietmar / Adobe stock.             Inset: The spiral patterns that appear prominently in the rock carvings are thought to be a symbol among ancestral Pueblo people for the sky or the sun. Source: Jagiellonian University
11 hours ago
10 of the World’s Oldest Languages Still Used Today via Ancient Origins
Representation of ancient writing of one of the oldest languages in a book.    Source: Andrey Lavrishchev / Adobe stock
16 hours ago
The Ottoman Empire: 600 Years of Domination via Ancient Origins
Ottoman Warrior. Credit: ahmetnkececi / Adobe Stock
Iron Age Temple Uncovered in Jerusalem Challenges Biblical Claim via Ancient Origins
Main: The Tel Motza Iron Age temple excavation site in Jerusalem.    Source: Skyview / Israel Antiquities Authority.     Inset: Ancient figurines of people found at Tel Motza.        Source: Clara Amit / Israel Antiquities Authority
Swords of Fate: The Ancient Blades That Forged History via Ancient Origins
A detailed drawing of a Viking age sword from the early ninth century found at Sæbø in the west of Norway. Bergen Museum. (Public Domain)
Saint Hildegard of Bingen – Visionary, Mystic, Writer, and Composer via Ancient Origins
Ancient saint. Credit: Peer Marlow / Adobe Stock
Breakthrough in Hunt for Spanish Shipwreck’s Greatest Ever Treasure via Ancient Origins
Representation of diver inspecting a shipwreck.         Source: Wojciech / Adobe stock
What Was Life Really Like for an Ancient Greek Woman? via Ancient Origins
Depiction of ancient Greek woman.  Source: Algol / Adobe stock
The Battle of Cajamarca – The Conquest of the Spanish and the End of the Inca Empire via Ancient Origins
Street art illustrating what the Spanish conquistadores did to the Inca during their conquest and the Battle of Cajamarca. Source: shantihesse / Adobe Stock.
Ancient Spells and Charms for the Hapless in Love via Ancient Origins
Magic was an everyday part of life in the Graeco-Roman empire. Source: John William Waterhouse / Public Domain.
Ana Massien published an article
I finally got over here to create a new look ;)
Many people worry about storms, but sometimes a storm's energy can build a better atmosphere than one with threat or malice.
Spiritual Satanism, or Tenis brotherhood (women as well) is often part of or…
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Updated! 😉
Link Between the Huns and Vizsla Dogs Unravels an Ancient Enigma via Ancient Origins
Hungarian Vizsla out hunting with a pheasant in its mouth.   Source: oroszgy / Adobe stock
Huge Predynastic Burial Ground Found in Egypt via Ancient Origins
Pre-dynastic burial ground found in Egypt.    Source: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities
Ancient Pincer Nosed Killer Discovered in Southeast Alaska via Ancient Origins
The fossil of a thalattosaur with a needle-sharp snout.       Source: University of Alaska Museum of the North
Seahenge: A Subaquatic Monument of the European Bronze Age via Ancient Origins
Seahenge – how it was found at low tide off the coast of Norfolk, England.     Source: Norfolk Archaeology Unit
How Two Women Pulled Off a Medieval Manuscript Heist in Post-War Germany via Ancient Origins
Two manuscripts of the visionary, writer and composer St. Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) survived the Dresden bombings after a librarian stashed them in a bank vault. Source: Deutsche Fotothek‎ / CC BY-SA 4.0.
From Pigeon Poop to the Origin of the Universe via Ancient Origins
Universe Explosion (Gerd Altmann/CC0)
15000-Year-Old Rock Art ‘Sanctuary’ Uncovered in Spanish Cave via Ancient Origins
Paleolithic rock art found on walls of Font Major Cave near L'Espluga de Francolí        Source: Generalitat de Catalunya
Cyrus the Great – Conqueror or Uber Human Rights Activist? via Ancient Origins
Cyrus the Great. Source: armin dara / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.
Is the Aboriginal Budj Bim Volcano Tale the World’s Oldest Story? via Ancient Origins
Depiction of a volcano erupting to show what the eruption at Budj Bim could have looked like.           Source: SiriusRzn / Adobe stock
The Acropolis' Cyclopean Wall, Sages and Our Deeply Connected Past via Ancient Origins
The Acropolis Athens (where the cyclopean wall can be found) during sunset.             Source: sea and sun / Adobe stock
University Dig Unearths Durham’s Earliest Known Resident via Ancient Origins
Human remains are Durham’s earliest known resident.          Source: Durham University
The Hypnotic Musical Stones of Gobustan via Ancient Origins
Gaval Dash, Gobustan’s musical stone, Azerbaijan                 Source: Kodec/ Adobe Stock
Feb 11
Pictish Stones Expose Ancient Scotland’s Warrior Ethos via Ancient Origins
The Collessie Pictish stone and an interpretation of the warrior depicted on it. Source: Historic Environment Scotland, University of Aberdeen
Feb 11
Truth of 7300-Year-Old Violence Uncovered in the Spanish Pyrenees via Ancient Origins
Main: view of the Els Trocs cave entrance in the Spanish Pyrenees located on the southern slope of a karst hill on the high plateau of Selvaplana; seen from the pass of the Puerto de las Aras. Source: H. Arcusa Magallón / Scientific Reports. Inset: Images of part of the skeletons damaged by blunt objects/arrows during the massacre. Source: T. Schuerch / G. Schulz / Scientific Reports
Feb 11

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